Using Accoya® Wood

Using Accoya® Wood

At New Vision Joinery we don’t believe your new front door should cost the earth. That’s why we offer the finest materials from sustainable sources… and that’s why we love Accoya®.

Accoya® wood is a modified timber, with a reputation for durability and exceptional external performance.

In tests Accoya® wood outperforms both softwood and hardwood, proven to last over 50 years above ground and 25 years below ground.

The benefits of using Accoya® Wood:

✔ Open doors and windows effortlessly, at any time of year

Accoya® absorbs 80% less moisture reducing shrinkage and swelling by 75%.

✔ Get value from your investment

Accoya® has been proven to last 50 years above the ground and 25 years below ground or in freshwater.

In fact TRADA give it a 70 year minimum life with Class 1 durability that even exceeds the performance of teak.

✔ Reduce upkeep of your exterior wood

Its enhanced stability that comes from its high resistance to UV degradation means coatings last twice as long, and when you do have to recoat, you won’t need so much sanding and preparation.

✔ Do your bit for the environment

As Accoya® is sustainably sourced you can be confident that your new front door or window isn’t costing the earth.

All in the confidence that Accoya® wood is 100% non-toxic.

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